Conference Acronyms

The following list consists of events that were sponsored by, co-sponsored by, or held in cooperation with SIGSOFT, in the last two years.

AcronymConference Full Name
AADEBUGIntl Symposium on Automated and Analysis-Driven Debugging
ACSDIntl Conf on Application of Concurrency to System Design
ACSEIntl Wksp on Adoption-Centric Software Engineering
ADCAgile Development Conf
A-MOSTIntl Wksp on Advances in Model-Based Software Testing
AOSDIntl Conf on Aspect Oriented Software Development
ASEAutomated Software Engineering Conf
ASTIntl Wksp on Automation of Software Test
CBSEIntl Symposium on Component Based Software Engineering
CDIntl Conf on Component Deployment
CoordinationIntl Conf on Coordination Models and Languages
CSEETIntl Conf on Software Engineering Education and Training
DEASDesign and Evolution of Autonomic Application Software
DEBSIntl Wksp on Distributed Event-Based Systems
DVS-ISDesign, Specification, and Verification of Interactive Systems
EAEarly Aspects at ICSE: Wksp in Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering and Architecture Design
ECOOPEuropean Conf on Object-Oriented Programming
EDOCEnterprise Distributed Object Computing Conf
EDSERIntl Wksp on Economics-Driven Software Engineering Research
EMDTIntl Wksp on Evolution Support for Model-Based Development and Testing
ESECEuropean Software Engineering Conf
ESEMIntl Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement
ESSoSEngineering Secure Software and Systems
ETAPSEuropean Joint Conf on Theory and Practice of Software
FSEIntl Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering
FSENIPM Intl Wksp on Foundations of Software Engineering
GaMMaIntl Wksp on Global Integrated Model Management
GCTIntl Symposium on Grand Challenges in Traceability
GPCEGenerative Programming and Component Engineering
GSDIntl Wksp on Global Software Development
HERCMAHellenic European Research on Computer Mathematics and its Applications Conf
HOPLHistory of Programming Language Conf
HotParUSENIX Wksp on Hot Topics in Parallelism
HSSEHuman and Social Factors of Software Engineering
ICPEIntl Conf on Performance Engineering
ICSEIntl Conf on Software Engineering
ICSOCIntl Conf on Service Oriented Computing
InternetwareAsia-Pacific Symp on Internetware
ISARCSIntl Symposium on Architecting Critical Systems
ISECIndia Software Engineering Conference
ISESEIntl Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering
ISSTAIntl Symposium on Software Testing & Analysis
IWAAPFIntl Wksp on Advances and Applications of Problem Frames
IWPSEIntl Wksp on the Principles of Software Evolution
IW-SOSEIntl Wksp on Service-Oriented Software Engineering
MACSWksp on Modeling and Analysis of Concerns in Software
MoDELSIntl Conf on Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems
MPECIntl Wksp on Models and Processes for the Evaluation of Off-the-shelf Components
MSRIntl Wksp on Mining Software Repositories
OOPSLAConf on Object-oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications
PASTEWksp on Program Analysis for Software Tools and Engineering
PLDIConf on Programming Language Design and Implementation
PROMISEPredictive Models in Software Engineering
ProSimIntl Wksp on Software Process Simulation and Modeling
QoSAIntl Conf on the Quality of Software Architectures
RAMSSIntl Wksp on Remote Analysis and Measurement of Software Systems
REIntl Requirements Engineering Conf
REBSERealising Evidence-Based Software Engineering
ROAIntl Wksp on The Role of Abstraction in Software Engineering
SAVCBSWksp on Specification and Verification of Component-Based Systems
SCIntl Conf on Software Composition
SCESMIntl Wksp on Scenarios and State Machines: Models, Algorithms and Tools
SEASIntl Wksp on Software Engineering for Automotive Systems
SEHASWksp on Software Engineering for High Assurance Systems
SBESBrazilian Symposium on Software Engineering
SEAMSIntl Wksp on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems
SE-HPCSIntl Wksp on Software Engineering for High Performance Computing System Applications
SELMASWksp on Software Engineering for Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems
SESSIntl Wksp on Software Engineering for Secure Systems
SHARKSHAring and Reusing architectural Knowledge
SIPEWSPEC Intl Performance Evaluation Wksp
SOBPIIntl Wksp on Service-Oriented Business Process Integration
SSEEIntl Summit on Software Engineering Education
SoftVisACM Symposium on Software Visualization
SOQUAIntl Wksp on Software Quality
SPLASHSystems Programming Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity (formerly known as OOPSLA)
STRAWIntl Wksp on Software Requirements to Architectures
TEFSETraceability of Emerging Forms of Software Engineering
UbiCompIntl Conf on Ubiquitous Computing
WADSWksp on Architecting Dependable Systems
WEUSEWksp on End-User Software Engineering
WISERIntl Wksp on Interdisciplinary Software Engineering Research
WODAIntl Wksp on Dynamic Analysis
WoDiSEEWksp on Directions in Software Engineering Environments
WOSPWksp on Software Performance
WOSQWksp on Software Quality
WOSSWksp on Self-Healing Systems
WOSSEWksp on Open Source Software Engineering
WOTTSEWksp on Technology Transfer in Software Engineering