SIGSOFT Fellows Profiles

Each year, ACM recognizes members of the computing community who have made notable contributions to our field by honoring them as ACM Fellows. A large number of Fellows are also members of SIGSOFT, so beginning with the July 1998 issue of Software Engineering Notes (SEN), we've been publishing profiles of these folks. Here are the profiles published to date, along with the issue of SEN in which they appeared.

Barry Boehm September 2004
Grady Booch September 1998
L. Peter Deutsch January 1999
Larry E. Druffel May 1999
Dennis J. Frailey July 1998
Frank L. Friedman March 2001
Bob Glass July 2006
Jim Horning July 1998
Manny Lehman September 1998
Peter G. Neumann May 2007
David Notkin November 2006
Roger Needham January 2001
David Lorge Parnas May 1999
Barbara Ryder July 1999
Eugene H. Spafford July 2001