Software Engineering Education (SEEd)

Peter Henderson started the Software Engineering Education (SEEd) column in SEN in 2003. In 2009, Mark Ardis became the lead author of the column with Peter continuing as co-author. There have been occasional guest authors over the years as well. Here are links to text of each of the columns in the ACM Digital Library, along with their major topics.


Welcome; What is SE; CCSE; SEEK; Computing foundations (March)

Current events; Why SE education is important for practitioners; CCSE; Robert L. Glass (May)

NSEFS 03; ICSE 2003 discussion and panel on undergraduate SE program; Definition of engineering; Growth of BSSE programs worldwide (July)

ABET accredited SE programs; CCSE; Why mathematics; FASE and A Tale of Two Cultures, by Paul De Palma (November)


Difference between CS and SE education; future of SE; IT downturn and overseas outsourcing; 10 pounds in a 5 pound sack; CCSE (March)

Education and training; Computing Curricula 2004; CCSE; Bulldozer Thread; CSEE&T 2004 (May)

Learning from engineering failures; Tree house analogy (how vs. why); CCSE (September)


SE curriculum workshop report from Tom Hilburn; SE education in China; Training and failures (January)

Focusing Software Education on Engineering, by John C. Knight (March)

Educating Software Engineers: An Industry Viewpoint, by Donald J. Reifer (May)

SEEd and Goals for software engineering Student Education, by David Parnas and Lillian Chik-Parnas (July)

Reality check; First monday lunch; Service learning; Corporate mentoring programs; Student chapters of professional organizations (November)


SEEd and Industrial Software Engineering: Developing Software Systems, by Jeremy T. Lanman (March)

SEEd and What math is relevant for a CS or SE student?: an employer's perspective, by Dennis J. Frailey (May)

SEEd and Reflections on CSEE&T 2006, by Timothy C. Lethbridge (July)

Best jobs; Women in technology (November)


Best Jobs; Preview by Heidi Ellis of Software Engineering: Effective Teaching and Learning Approaches and Practices (January)

SEEd and The influence of software intangibility on computer science and software engineering education, by Orit Hazzan (May)

A look back and ahead (September)


The IEEE CSDA examination for entry-level software development professionals (January)

Who Killed the Software Engineer?; 2007 Turing Award Winners - Model Checking; Teaching software correctness; 'Future proof' computer systems (March)

What is software engineering?; Broad versus deep; Problem solving (May)


Raising awareness; Ripples (March)

SEEd and Software engineering & computer sciences: two worlds, by Ewan Tempero (May)

Welcome, Mark; SWEBOK; Student progress (July)

Past its prime? On the contrary (September)

New graduate software engineering education guidelines (November)


Do Students Differentiate Between Computing Disciplines? (January)

Standing On Our Shoulders (March) (links available at Mark's site)

Software Engineering for Planes, Trains, and Especially Automobiles (July)

Build Security In (November)


Software Engineering Legal Issues (January)

Comments on Computer Science Courses on Algorithms (March)

Making A Case for Good Engineering Practices: The Toyota Unintended Acceleration Investigation (May)

Guidelines for Software Engineering Education (July)

Call for an Annual Survey of Software Engineering Education (November)


Is Software Engineering an Engineering Professional Discipline? (January)

Is Software Engineering an Engineering Professional Discipline? - Software Engineering: The Unwanted Step-Child of Computer Science (March)

Interview about the Academy for Software Engineering (May)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) (September)


Toward Objective and Quantitative Assessment and Prediction of Teamwork Effectiveness in Software Engineering Courses (January)