Becoming a SIGSOFT member is easy. Join ACM and SIGSOFT now and you'll receive the following:

  • Member Benefits:
    • Subscription to the quarterly newsletter, Software Engineering Notes in electronic format. You receive the electronic as well as print editions of SEN if you join as a print member. SEN contains member-submitted articles as well as regular columns including the popular forum, "Risks to the Public"
    • Web access to the SIGSOFT portion of the ACM Digital Library, including articles from all SIGSOFT sponsored and co-sponsored conferences (e.g., ICSE, EESC/FSE, PASTE, and ISSTA)
    • Discounted registration at conferences and workshops that are sponsored, co-sponsored or in cooperation with SIGSOFT
    • Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) are available as a Member Plus package
    • Notification of relevant information through the SIGSOFT electronic member mailing list
    • The SIGSOFT Web site,
    • The SEWORLD Mailing List,
    • The SEN Web site,, which includes additional SEN content such as books available for review as well as links to references in the Risks to the Public and Surfing the Web columns
    • SIGSOFT presence on social networking sites, including a LinkedIn group (ACM SIGSOFT), a Facebook community page (ACM SIGSOFT), and a Twitter feed (sigsoft)
  • Community Benefits:

You can also join SIGSOFT without joining ACM, and we have special information for students and volunteers.

The current annual rates in US dollars are:

  • SIGSOFT (print and online) membership, Professional: $30
  • SIGSOFT (print and online)) membership, Student: $25
  • SIGSOFT (print and online)) membership, Affiliate (non-ACM Member): $30
  • SIGSOFT (online) membership, Professional: $20
  • SIGSOFT (online) membership, Student: $10
  • SIGSOFT (online) membership, Affiliate (non-ACM member): $20
  • SIGSOFT Member Plus Package (in addition to SIGSOFT membership):
    • ICSE Proceedings: International Conference on Software Engineering (April): $30
    • Expedited Air (outside North America): $20

Print Memberships are mailed hardcopies of SEN. Online members receive access to pdf versions of SEN.

For further information about ACM and SIGSOFT membership, please refer to these pages: